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Treachery and Betrayal Amongst Sisters causes a Mystical Ancient Powerful Japanese Kingdom to Crumble.

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A Tale of Treachery, Two Sisters War for the Throne in an Ancient Japanese Kingdom

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Princess Yamamoto

For all the years of childhood rivalry and bickering and the extreme jealousy over the fact that she had married the man of her dreams and had a beautiful daughter. She told Cho, I want peace with you and I want to be a true aunt to my niece. The forgiving heart that Cho has, she embraced the oppty to be at peace with her sister. She embraced the oppty to finally have love between them. It is their parents wish. Cho sat down to eat. Yamamoto insisted on it being only them two for dinner. As Cho started to chew her fish and drink her drink, she couldn't swallow or breathe. The food was hard and she could not swallow.. What was more amazing was the fact that her power drained from her body, like a blue magic smoke leaving her body, all her power was draining. Yamamoto was excited and happy, she allowed a smirk to go across her face and Cho looked at her in disbelief, she literally drained all the power from her sister's body.

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