Princess Yamamoto invited her sister, Empress Cho to dinner,  a peace offering, she made her favorite meal. Raw fish, rice and vegetables and a yummy drink. For all the years of childhood rivalry and bickering and the extreme jealousy over the fact that she had married the man of her dreams and had a beautiful daughter. She told Cho, I want peace with you and I want to be a true aunt to my niece. The forgiving heart that Cho has, she embraced the oppty to be at peace with her sister. She embraced the oppty to finally have love between them. It is their parents wish. Cho sat down to eat. Yamamoto insisted on it being only them two for dinner. Little did she know it was a TRAP.

As Cho started to chew her fish and drink her drink, she couldn't breathe. The food was hard and she could not swallow.. What was more amazing was the fact that her power drained from her body.  Blue magic mist started leaving her body, all her power was draining. Yamamoto was excited and happy, she allowed a smirk to go across her face and Cho looked at her in disbelief, she literally drained all the power from her sister's body.

Cho fell to the floor lifeless, her power her royal blue power was stolen from her body.

Yamamoto ordered her henchmen to go and get baby Orin and her dad so she could kill them. However, the guards could not find Orin.  The guards did manage to trick Orin’s dad into a room sired with magic, when he tried to leave the room he was blocked from leaving. His power was dismantled. Yamamoto went onto summons the guards to gather Orin in the last plot to her stance to take over the Kingdom. However, Cho was always 10 steps ahead.

Princess Yamamoto betrayed her family and belongs to the secret samurai society. for legends and decades her father has fought with his treacherous brotherhood over the society.

The society is league of Ninja Evil Assassin's that want to take over the kingdom and spill blood, they are lawless.  For generations blood has been spilled as a result of the assassins. As time passed and the city of Yurisho was at peace little did they know, one of their own was up to sinister activities beneath the surface right within the palace walls.

Orins Maiden had a Crystal Ball that was designed to light up when death or danger was coming to Orin, as she was watching the baby the Crystal ball lit up in a very DARK MISTY BLACK COLOR. Death was coming for Orin. Her Maiden quickly put her in a magical time box and hid her in the wardrobe in her room. The wardrobe was a time travel that took her to another time to the nearest Orphanage. Thus the Chronicles, Saga and Tale of Princess Orinishi begins. An abused orphan child that was adopted by two dragons pretending to be human..

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